Architecting Transformation

A Capital Campaign to open the Sharefest Youth Development Center




Why do we need the Youth Development Center?

The Youth Development Center in San Pedro will provide a safe place of activity offering a variety of youth-focused services and programs to help students positively engage their communities.

Local youth possess unique life experiences making them sensitive to the needs of their communities and knowledgeable of potential creative solutions. Nurtured with skills and compassion, students will be empowered to succeed as leaders of positive community change.


Areas of Impact

The Youth Development Center impacts five essential areas for equipping future leaders to architect transformation:

Belonging: Youth from diverse backgrounds build movements of understanding, friendship, and belonging in their community

Collaboration: Youth collaborate and champion solutions for local community needs

Innovation: Youth learn and use innovative technology skills as preparation for workplace and community leadership

Advocacy: Awakened youth voices advocate awareness of local issues and promote hope to their communities

Achievement: Learning opportunities and mentoring relationships prepare students to plan for and achieve their highest potential


The Campaign Goal: $1 Million


Ways to Support:

Gifts of cash – A one-time gift of cash to sponsor a learning space or a programmatic area.

Pledge – A commitment to support the campaign through payment installments for a period of time (up to three years).

Gift of life insurance – Gifts of life insurance are accepted.

Gift from your IRA – Check with your tax advisor to learn how your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA can support the campaign.

Appreciated property or art – Transfer of assets can be made to fund a campaign support commitment or ongoing programmatic costs.

In-Kind services & donations – Gifts of services and materials are gladly accepted.




Please help us spread the word by sharing this opportunity with your family and friends!

For information on how YOU can help architect transformation for our local youth and our communities, contact Chad at 310.626.8106 or


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