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Below are directions on how to use our online application to volunteer, and also a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These FAQs are particularly useful for the registration process. If you have any further questions, please email us.



STEP 1 - List of Available Projects - Review the list of Workday Projects that have been adopted. Click on the Project Name to view the Project details.

STEP 2 - Review - Review the Project and proceed to Step 3 if you would like to register to volunteer at this Project.

STEP 3 - Register Yourself - Create a personal login using your first and last name and email address. Additional information required includes t-shirt size, age range, and password. Click on “Register” after you fill in the required information.

STEP 4 - Volunteer for the Project - Please provide any applicable contact information and your availability schedule. You may also register additional volunteers at this time (friends/family etc.).  

STEP 5 - Collaborate with Sharefest - Thank you for volunteering with Sharefest! Please consider making a $10 donation to help us offset the cost (paint, plants, t-shirts, food, insurance etc.) associated with organizing our Annual Workday. You can donate online with a credit card or mail a check. You can also collaborate with Sharefest by inviting others to volunteer or by sharing our page via Facebook, Twitter, or our Website. Be sure to click the “Complete Signup” button at the bottom of Step 5 to complete the registration process.  

Congratulations. You will receive a pop up screen and a confirmation email verifying we have received your registration. If you have any questions, you may email the Project Manager or our office at workday@sharefestinc.org.



Q: Do I need to register online to volunteer for the Workday?

A: Yes. Once our registration application is online, you will be asked to: register yourself and select your available hours. This helps us track volunteer numbers and helps our Project Managers better manage project sites.

Q: Can I register a group of volunteers?

A: Yes, you can register a group of volunteers on our online volunteer system.

Q: Where is the Workday located?

A: The Workday consists of multiple project sites located primarily throughout the Los Angeles South Bay and Harbor areas. When you register for the Workday through Sharefest’s online volunteer system you will choose one of the many activities. Once you select and signup for a specific project you will find out more in the project details and the Project Manager will contact you with further information.

Q: How can I contribute to the Workday?

A: While you are preparing for the Workday we hope that you would consider contributing towards the Workday in these ways:

  • COLLABORATE WITH SHAREFEST AND HELP US DO MORE - Thank you for volunteering with Sharefest! It is only through your efforts we are able to give back to our community. In order to offset some of Sharefest’s costs, we ask every volunteer to donate $10 towards our Workday. These funds help us do more in the community and offset the various costs (t-shirts, lunches, supplies, etc.). If you are unable to donate, please know that we are very grateful for the time you are able to give. If you are able to donate more than $10, we would love that as well! Thank you! http://www.sharefestinc.org/donate/
  • INVITE OTHERS – Invite your family, friends, and co-workers to volunteer at the Workday to bring lasting, positive change to our communities.
  • SHARE OUR PAGE - Spread the word! Share our Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or Workday pages.