Below are directions on how to use our online application to adopt a Workday project, and also a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These FAQs are particularly useful for the project adoption process. If you have any further questions, please email us.



STEP 1 - List of Available Projects - Review the list of Workday Projects available for adoption. Click on the Project Name to view the Project Activities available for selection.

STEP 2 - Project Activities - Review the Project and select the Project Activities your Organization would like to Adopt.

STEP 3 - Register Yourself - Create a personal login using your first and last name and email address. Additional information required includes t-shirt size, age range, and password. Click on “Register” once you fill in the required information.

STEP 4 - Register Your Organization - Please register your organization with Sharefest by providing us with your organization type (business, city, non-profit, school, etc.), name, contact information, and description. Click on “Proceed to Next Step” once you fill in the required information.

STEP 5 - Adopt Project Activities - Please select or confirm the Project Activities you are adopting from the selected Project. You can select one or more of the Activities listed. Please note that any Activities you do not adopt can be adopted by another organization.

STEP 6 - Collaborate with Sharefest - Thank you for partnering with Sharefest! While Sharefest cannot financially sponsor every project, we do offer several fundraising options for your organization. In order to proceed to Step 7 and adopt this project, please select at least two ways your organization can help out. To relieve some of the pressure, we have also asked both recipient and adopting organizations to lead their own fundraising efforts. By working together, we believe that enough funding will come in to support this project. Thank you for giving back to our community!

  • Reach out to local community business to sponsor your project. Sharefest will provide you with Sponsorship materials. This is required of all Adopting Organizations.
  • We are able to self-fund this Workday Project
  • We are able to partially fund this Workday Project
  • Share your collaboration ideas with us about this Project

STEP 7 - Submit to Sharefest - Congratulations, you have successfully adopted your project with Sharefest! Now that you have adopted a project, please spend time reviewing the Guide to Project Management and other documents available in the Resource Library and begin preparing for your project. We will have a series of Project Manager Meetings at the Sharefest Office in preparation of the Workday; the dates can be found in the General Calendar and reminder emails will be sent out closer to the meetings with more details. Should you have any questions or want additional information, please contact us at workday@sharefestinc.org.



Q: How can my organization participate in the Workday?

A: There are several ways your organization can participate:

  • ADOPT A PROJECT. Adopt an existing project. You fund it, manage the site, and recruit volunteers within your organization to participate. We provide Project Management Training.
  • PARTIALLY ADOPT A PROJECT. Two or more organizations adopt various Project Activities within the same Project Site. We can provide Project Management training and may also be able to connect you to an organization that will complement your efforts (i.e. management, volunteers, funding). 
  • VOLUNTEER YOUR ORGANIZATION. Identify one project for all of your members/employees to participate in – and have your members/employees sign up through our online system for the same site/project.
  • ENCOURAGE PARTICIPATION. Encourage your members/employees to participate in our Workday. Employees choose which site they want to go to (the project will be adopted by another organization).
  • FUND A PROJECT. Your organization can decide to partially or completely fund a Workday project. Sharefest can help you chose a project that meets your interest and budget. Contact us at chad@sharefestinc.org for more information, or browse our different sponsorship levels.
  • SELF-ADOPT A PROJECT. Submit your own project and take it on with your internal team. You fund it, manage the site, and recruit volunteers within your organization to participate. We provide Project Management Training.

Q: Do we have to adopt one of the projects already in the system or can we partner with any recipient in need?

A: You may partner with any recipient organization. However, the recipient does need to register their project using the Sharefest Online Application so you can adopt it. Projects can be submitted here.

Q: Who pays for the materials and other costs associated with the Workday?

A: Sharefest encourages the Adopting Organization and the Recipient Organization to collaboratively fund the Workday. In many instances, the recipients already have materials available and are simply looking for strong leadership and volunteers to make it happen. Sharefest also has suggestions to raise money for projects. You can email us at workday@sharefestinc.org to learn more.

Q: Does Sharefest have any sort of guides and/or templates already available or do I need to create them myself?

A: Yes. After you register using the online application, you will have access to the Resource Library that has the materials you need to get organized. 

Q: Does Sharefest negotiate any discounts for materials with any vendors?

A: Yes. Sharefest diligently pursues partnerships with a variety of vendors to provide special deals for the Workday. The Vendor Discount document in the online application Resource Library provides details about available offers. 

Q: Are there any fees for our organization to run a workday?

A: Yes and No. We ask every Sharefest partner to help support the Workday according to the ability of their organization. A suggested contribution for a church would be $2 for each person in your weekend service attendance. A suggested contribution for a NPO or business would be $2 per person that will be volunteering on the Workday. These contributions help us offset the overall cost of the Workday.