Getting involved and creating change in local neighborhoods is one of Sharefest’s highest priorities. As an organization we recognize that service comes in many different forms. Sharefest’s newest program, Share My Day, allows individuals to celebrate their special day – such as a birthday or anniversary – by giving back to the community through custom-tailored service projects.

What kind of service project you ask? The sky is the limit. Plant a garden. Install a computer lab. Paint a mural. Let your imagination and vision be the inspiration for a project that impacts the lives of generations to come. Still can’t decide? Let one of our experts work with you to create a meaningful experience that will transform you and the recipient of your generosity.

Share My Day has been created to give you the tools to transform your special occasion into an opportunity for engaging and giving back to the community in a positive, lasting way. 


|| Share My Day Example || Madeleine's Sweet Sixteen Birthday

Along with her family and twenty or so of her friends, Madeleine – a high school student at Marymount High School – decided to go above and beyond a traditional birthday party for her sweet sixteen. Instead they spent the day together at Taper Ave. Elementary School (San Pedro, CA), where they painted a mural, unpacked and set up new computers in the computer lab, cleaned up the school library and repainted the foursquare lines out on the playground.

Madeleine explains her desire to share her special day with her community:

For a few years now I've wanted to do something for my birthday that has to do with community service. I feel birthdays are an excellent opportunity to get out with your friends and have fun doing something good for other people.

Check out our video below which highlights Madeleine's Share My Day event, which took place on Saturday, July 9, 2011. You can also view photos of the event HERE and read details of the event HERE.


|| Want to Share Your Day?

If you'd like to share your day or are looking for more information about the Share My Day program, please contact our Executive Director, Chad Mayer, at