Narbonne High School Living Classroom and Garden 

On our 10th Annual Workday on May 4th, 2013, one of our signature projects took place at Nathaniel Narbonne High School in Harbor City. We revitalized the overgrown, neglected garden area and turned it into a Living Classroom and Veterans Garden. The Living Classroom and Veterans Garden will provide Narbonne students with nine different areas to participate in performing arts, reinforce science lessons in a hands-on way, and learn about sustainability, conservation, and environmental responsibility. It will also give students a safe, quiet place to call their own in a world where they often feel stressed, lost, and uncared for.

The Living Classroom and Veterans Garden is composed of several gardens and activity areas: an organic produce garden, a native garden, a Japanese peace garden, a performing arts stage, an orchard, an outdoor classroom, a science pond, and a putting green. Students will also develop and participate in a compost program and a recycling program. It also connects Narbonne traditional and ROTC students with local military veterans. A portion of the garden/orchard will be planted and dedicated to our local Veterans. Sharefest and Narbonne High School have partnered with Lomita VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) to donate 50% of the produce grown in these gardens, on a year round basis, directly to the Lomita VFW. The Lomita VFW will use our produce to support local veteran families, elderly veterans, and homeless veterans in need. These donations will be particularly crucial on Sunday Breakfasts, in homeless outreach efforts, and Thanksgiving Dinner, all events the Lomita VFW coordinates.


Thank You To This Project's Sponsors: