One important component of Sharefest's vision is service to our community. With seven years of effective and successful experience mobilizing 30,000 community volunteers throughout Los Angeles County to complete over 1,000 service projects, we have earned a reputation as a key organization in Los Angeles with the necessary knowledge, resources, skills, and experience to achieve positive, lasting change in our community. As a result, corporations, businesses, and organizations have approached us to act as the essential interface with the community to provide opportunities for their employees and people to engage in meaningful community service.

Businesses are becoming more aware of their social responsibility and community involvement – especially as an avenue for important team-building experiences. But finding such opportunities or facilitating project based activities in the community are difficult to orchestrate and can be full of obstacles. In addition, recipients of community development projects (for example, schools and cities) are often hesitant to allow well-meaning but inexperienced groups of volunteers to perform work on their properties.

To bridge this need, Sharefest has created a Corporate Services program as a solution for businesses looking for community service projects. With our proven track record of over a thousand successful service projects in various cities and school districts in Los Angeles County – especially through our Annual Workdays – we have earned a voice and reputation in the area of high-quality and compassionate community development. In fact, city, county, and school officials often approach Sharefest to help fulfill their needs.

To learn more about what makes Sharefest distinctive read some of the recognition we have received over the years:

With our fee-based Corporate Services program, your team will have access to our vast network and extensive resources to design a tailor-fit and unique community service project and experience for your organization. In addition you will enjoy access to our Sharefest Online Application system which will help you organize and manage your project and volunteers with ease.

For more information about our Corporate Services program, please contact our Executive Director, Chad Mayer, at



On Sunday, September 11, 2011 – the tenth-year anniversary of 9/11 – Sharefest partnered with Kaiser Permanente (Harbor City) for a Day of Service at Normont Elementary School in Harbor City. Kaiser Permanente sought out Sharefest's expertise and resources in community development projects to organize and facilitate a community service day for its employees. Read more >>