Seeing ShareFest's imprint

We posted earlier about a mural Vanesa Andrade and other volunteers completed at Alta Vista Preschool and how much it meant to Andrade. You can read about it here.

But the volunteers and artist weren't the only ones affected by it. It had an immediate impact on the community it was meant to bless.

This is an e-mail we got from Aaron Benton, who works for the Redondo Beach Unified School District who passed by the mural at Alta Vista.
Our wonderful artist, Vanessa Andrade, completed the project this week.  It looks FANTASTIC!!!!!  In fact, as I was driving away on Saturday after detail and touch-ups, I saw a grandmother walking with her grandson in a stroller and just as the mural came into his view, he was pointing at the animals and talking to his grandma.  As I looked in my rearview mirror, I saw that she had actually parked the stroller and they were continuing the conversation.  Would not have happened if it was still a blank wall.  Thank you so much for the work you do!  Parents, staff, and the community loved the project. 

Thanks again!

—Aaron Benton

Alta Vista Mural
The mural in progress

The responses keep coming

Councilwoman Janice Hahn has partnered with ShareFest for more than a year now and was even out planting trees along Pacific Coast Highway in last year's Workday. About a week ago she gave ShareFest a nod in her e-newsletter.

From Councilwoman Janice Hahn's May 6 E-Newsletter:
Saturday, I joined the Mayor for a Day of Service in the Harbor Area.  I began the day with a visit to the brand new Boys and Girls Club Cheryl Green Community Center in Harbor Gateway.  Volunteers from Sharefest, Neighborhood Councils and other members of the community worked to paint, carpet and generally get the center ready for opening.  It is expected to open its doors in mid-June.  It will be a great place for families and children to gain access to services and recreation in the community.

Also, don't miss the slideshow Gina Ysunza put together of the job ShareFest volunteers did at Torrance High School. Check it out here

We're still getting e-mails and letters from thankful people who ShareFest served and enthusiastic examples like this slideshow of how thrilled our volunteers were to beautify their community.


A preview of Gina's slideshow. Click the picture to take a look. A preview of Gina's Torrance High slideshow. Click the picture to take a look.

Another artistic imprint

ShareFest gets help from so many vital professionals and visionaries, and this is just one of them. Vanesa Andrade is a accomplished artist who has been involved with community beautification for years. On Saturday, she lent her skills to ShareFest and left her mark — in the form of murals — on a local preschool and community center.

This is what she had to say:
Dear friends, I need to share my experience with you, about Saturday, May 2: These are the Murals I created for Alta Vsta Preschool, Redondo Beach, and for Greenbelt Wilmington Community Center with the amazing participation of the community! It was such a amazing experience!

Teachers, children, parents, neighbors were all so happy to give their time and great energy to embellish these buildings that are part of their everyday life! At the end of the day I was so tired but so happy that when  I closed my eyes and I kept on seeing all those happy faces! It was just a fulfilling experience! I will be sending you more pictures! I feel so good to be able to offer my art to the community!


Vane Andrade's murals for ShareFest Vane Andrade's murals for ShareFest at Alta Vista. Click for a larger picture.

Wether it was by painting, planting, passing out lunch, doing laundry or participating in any project on May 2, every volunteer left an imprint on the South Bay and Harbor communities.

Please keep posting your stories!

Eagles' Nest Preschool imprint video

On May 2, El Segundo Foursquare Church left its mark on Eagles' Nest Preschool in El Segundo. Volunteers painted seven classrooms, re-built and painted cubbies, painted doors, pulled weeds and landscaped around the playground.

The church was able to affect a school in its local area and begin building relationships in that community. Take a look at the video the church put together.

Picture 4

Two days after the project, the El Segundo Unified School District sent out a letter thanking ShareFest for its help that day. The thanks in this letter belong to the volunteers, who are the ones who had a tangible impact on the students, staff, teachers and administration at Eagles' Nest. 

Check out the letter here: El Segundo Unified School District

A few Flickr highlights

Here are a few photographic highlights from Workday projects. Click on the picture for more photos from that project, and click on the link below the photo for a story about the project if we have one.

Wilmington park Wilmington Park Elementary


Laundry Love on Wilmington Boulevard Laundry Love on Wilmington Boulevard

Laundry Love story


DJing while 500 students work at Banning High School in Wilmington DJing while 500 students work at Banning High School in Wilmington

 Banning story


Carodale Learning Community School Carodale Learning Community School


Some ShareFest leaders pose with Mayor Villaraigosa Some ShareFest leaders pose with Mayor Villaraigosa

 Emerging leaders story