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2012 workday project partnership opportunity | gardena high school

With our 9th Annual Workday on April 28th quickly approaching, we are looking for caring organizations who want to help make a difference in the community.  Last year, one of our biggest projects took place on the Gardena High School campus.  Hundreds of volunteers came out to help make a difference to their campus.  The impact was great.  In the words of Ana Maria Lopez, the school’s College and Career Counselor, “What a day that was!  I remember meeting so many volunteers, alumni and students.  To see the businesses that contributed, not only with manpower, but with food and entertainment.  It was a great day of coming together for one purpose - to beautify our campus and bring pride to our school.”

This year, among the projects submitted is Gardena High's project request for new murals to be painted on the gymnasium walls.  School spirit is an important part of a student’s daily life at Gardena High School.  A significant percentage of the student body participates in their athletics program.  Ana Maria explains, “Our gymnasium and athletic buildings are in need of a "makeover."  When our teams travel to other campuses, they see gyms with large logos that depict school spirit.  Many gyms are newer and cleaner.  The recent budget cuts have also reduced our custodial and maintenance staff, and it shows.  By coming together, once again, as a community to paint the areas where athletic competitions take place, we hope to bring more pride to our campus.  We hope to show the community that Gardena High School is a place where students have team spirit and school pride.”

Join us at the 9th Annual Workday on April 28, 2012 as Sharefest partners with organizations, corporations and churches throughout the Los Angeles area to bring about positive lasting change. by registering you can look through the submitted projects to select the best fit for your organization.  For additional information, please email our Program Administrator, Victory Ludwig at victory@sharefestinc.org.


Countdown to the 8th Annual Workday: Gardena HS

There are only two days left before Sharefest’s 8th Annual Workday when thousands of volunteers will join together to complete hundreds of community-based service projects all around the South Bay and Harbor areas. The largest of these projects will take place at Gardena High School where King's Harbor Church has taken the lead in coordinating a campus-wide beautification project.  Saturday’s activities will include landscaping, irrigation, planting, maintenance, painting, murals, and general campus-wide cleanup.

Sharefest was honored to take on this project, which comes on the heels of the tragic shooting and wounding of two students at Gardena High School in January.  The efforts to restore a positive atmosphere of hope through a service project which produces tangible change embodies the heart of Sharefest’s mission. The goal here is to work alongside a community hit by tragedy to create meaningful change that benefits everyone.

This Workday project has a ton of support behind it, and Sharefest is proud to have so many partners including

Additionally, King's Harbor Church and the many volunteers from the school and the nearby community will be playing a huge role in making it possible to complete the work at Gardena High School this Saturday.  We are thankful for the generous support and commitment of our outstanding partners to this project and the community!

 We are thrilled for this opportunity to receive so much support from the community and mobilize our students to improve the campus and take pride in their school.

-- Rudy Mendoza, Gardena High School Principal

There are many opportunities for you to get involved with the Annual Workday project at Gardena High School this Saturday. There is a need for donations and support of various sorts, including skilled laborers, landscaping tools and equipment as well as monetary donations.  Register today!